WUZ Marutamachi

“山川草木の 花の匂を あまり深く 思うところある 人の心體“ _正岡子規



During a twilight hour, the poet Shiki Masaoka walked along his daily path -the Marutamachi street of Kyoto. The fragrance of plum and cherry blossoms filled the air, and a serene silence permeated the atmosphere. He wrote:

“山川草木の 花の匂を あまり深く 思うところある 人の心體”

The natural essence and tranquil ambiance caused his soul to settle, deeply moving him and awakening a reverence for nature.


Wandering between the well-preserved old machiya and new modern buildings, people can deeply feel the harmonious interweaving of Kyoto's history and contemporary culture. This is the unique charm of Marutamachi, the heart of Kyoto city.


The winter-blooming camellias were accompanied by the earlier summer-blooming Dodan-tsutsuji, together harmonizing with the earth as the seasons came and went. The calmness and warmth of the courtyard were the embodiment of seasons of Kyoto within the Wuz Marutamachi.


A 15-minute drive from Kyoto Station, located at the intersection of Karasuma and Marutamachi, and 5 minutes walk to Kyoto Imperial Palace.
It’s good to have a morning jogging or enjoy a quiet and fresh time in this Imperial Palace woods.


The best moment after a day's journey, is soaking in the hot water of the hinoki bathtub, feeling a gentle sleepiness rising in the faint aroma of wood.